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Annual Public Land Cleanup

Every fall a public lands cleanup is organized and done by local volunteers, and Wapiti Off-Road members.  Together we have cleaned over 100 tons of trash and burnt vehicles reaching from the Dunes riding area to south of the Wapiti River.  


Trail Signage

Dont know where to go?  Well we fixed that too.  A series of trail markers and maps have been placed throughout the trial system.  Starting right from the Dunes Main Staging Area.  These maps display the countless hours of work our team put in making GPS maps of a good part of our trail system. 


Single Track Bridges

These small, narrow bridges were specifically designed for dirtbikes in mind.  Narrow, and lightweight they keep our two wheel family moving through the trails, especially when its wet.  Can you count how many we have? Cause there's a few out there. 


Steel Bridge Project

We partnered up with AEP, and built this awesome Steel bridge, opening up a portion of traditional trail systems that was near impossible to get access to.  This was a great way to kick off our "Wheels Out Of Water" initiative. 


Floating Bridge

With this project, we opened up access to the trail system that allowed us to join the main trail system so you can make one long continuous loop.  This section of matting, and the installation was fully donated by some of our best sponsors.  Caution though, the water is deep if you fall off the trail. 


Trail Grooming

Trail grooming is a never ending project.  Clearing fallen trees, and draining water from the trail is never ending.  Come join us making a safer trail system for all. 

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