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Summer race season is half way done, with more exciting races planned for the end of the summer and early fall.  Once kids are back in school, we should see more racers having weekends free.    Racing has been great, with great weather and some really fast people.  

For 2024, we will be back on the ice in early January for those interested in racing next season. We are also very proud to be bringing the infamous "Numb Bum 24 HR" to Clairmont lake in February.  Planning and organizing are well on its way.

The summer XC/Harescramble series schedule is out, and is looking like it will be an exciting series.  We will see the total number of events grow from 5 events to 7 this year.

Lots of exciting news to be announced in 2023, with the new staging area/parking lot being approved and TFA signed.  Work is ready to be started on a much needed, and much larger area by the Dunes Yellow gates.   Keep an eye out for tree clearing soon.   

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